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May 25, 2004


Nicholas Allott

The post says:

"regardless of whatever motivations actually led the Bush Administration into Iraq, the overthrow of Saddam and the establishment of a democracy in Iraq is a laudable goal."

But this isn't the goal of anyone important in the Bush administration, as the post seems to be conceding - "regardless of whatever motivations..." . So how is it relevant to the discussion?

There's something wrong with an intellectual culture in which smart people mention motivations that don't exist to suggest that aggression against a state is merely a "misadventure" marked by nothing worse than "lack of planning, utter mismanagement, and disrespect for international law".
Why not call it what it is - aggression; a series of war crimes?

Chomsky mentions the subject in a recent post - http://blog.zmag.org/ttt/archives/000490.html - see the paragraph starting "Take Iraq...".


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